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GIS architecture for transit information website


TRÉPANIER, Martin, CHAPLEAU, Robert, ALLARD, Bruno (2002). GIS architecture for transit information website, GIS for Transportation Symposium, March 2002, Atlanta, 15 pages.

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Building a transit information website to provide adequate interactive online user information such as path calculation requires an underlying GIS where territorial and operational data are strongly linked together. Moreover, direct usage of commercial and public data is usually not suitable to transit service modeling; therefore, several elements of data must be modified or added in order to support the model. Efforts are needed to integrate transportation objects such as trip generators and to adapt the road network hierarchy to transit operation.

After four years of implementation of GIS-based websites in the Greater Montreal area and successive website technology evolutions, some specific elements and data formats have proven to be effective and useful when presenting transit information to users via Internet. This paper will explain the methodology used to 1) acquire and maintain GIS data related to transit operation, 2) structure data in spatial and operational GIS databases, 3) use data for information diffusion over the Internet and 4) use data to calculate transit paths between any origin and destination over the transit authority's territory. To exemplify these tasks, the paper will focus on the most relevant features of two implemented websites (http://www.stcum.qc.ca and http://www.stl.laval.qc.ca). Log usage analysis will demonstrate what are the most relevant features to the transit users when they obtain information via the Internet.

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